Essex County Natural Resources

Conservation District

Conservation Districts - Who We are and What We Do

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 Nation wide Natural Resources Conservation Districts (NRCD) where first created in response to Dust Bowl by local citizens in 1937 to help the federal government conserve water and soil. Each district was created by an act of their state legislature. Every state in the nation has conservation districts focusing a range of issues from environmental education agricultural concerns, water quality, forestry, to wildlife habitat. 


Vermont has fourteen conservation districts; the Essex County NRCD offers a resource to landowners, farmers, schools, municipalities and businesses through our efforts with water quality issues, agriculture, education and other community projects. Extensive partnerships with local, state and federal agencies enable Districts to coordinate existing resources on a local level to ensure environmental quality and support the integrity of land use practices.


Districts offer a unique and powerful vehicle for citizens to become involved with local conservation work and establish programs that protect their environment.


Please click the map to view the Vermont watersheds and Conservation Districts boundaries.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are generally every second Wednesday of the month. Feel free to join us. Contact the District Manager for more details.