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The Essex County Tree and Shrub Conservation Nursery located Brunswick, VT

The mission of our nursery is to benefit property owners, farmers and environmental organizations residing and planting in Vermont and New Hampshire by sustainably producing high quality ~36” bare root seedlings from local genetic stock for riparian forest and lakeshore buffer restoration plantings. Our native tree and shrub stock will be utilized in these plantings that will serve many goals including stabilizing stream banks (reducing erosion), restoring native plant communities (floodplain forests and wetlands), re-establishing connectivity of habitat along riparian corridors, improving water quality, and preventing the spread of non-native plant material in the landscape.

Buffers are complex ecosystems that have been said to be the single most effective protection for water resources in Vermont and New Hampshire. Restoring these ecosystems will be an important step forward for the Connecticut River Valley. The NRCDs Conservation Nursery will take part in this valuable effort by furthering the success and ease of restoration in the upper Connecticut River watershed.

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The ~.75 acre Tree and Shrub Conservation Nursery offers mainly Sliver Maple, Box Elder, Speckled Alder, High Bush Cranberry, Red-Osier Dogwood, Willow, Black & White Ash, Choke Cherry, and White Pine.


Pictured Left: The Youth Conservation Corps from Nulhegan Basin Division 2016

For more information, to find out about other species we are growing and volunteer opportunities please contact us:

Untitled-415396 State Route 105
Brunswick, VT 05905